Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost... and not going to look for it.

From day one, I have been a HUGE fan of Lost. Last season, I had to catch up with episodes online since I had the audacity to have a child in the middle of the season. During the catch-up, I noticed that my interest in the storyline was fading. I just chalked it up to the tiny baby that wanted to nurse every 30 minutes, my post pregnancy loss of brain cells (yes it does happen), and I basically new how they ended when friends would discuss the episodes in front of me prior to my review.

Last night I eagerly awaited the arrival of the new season. I did my bedtime routine two hours early and cuddled into the bed for my reunion with a long-lost love - LOST.

I appreciated the recap that was on before the show. It freshened the storyline and gave me even more excitement as to what was about to happen.

In the next statement, I will probably alienate many readers of this blog who are "Lost Crazies". I thought the storyline last night was the dumbest, most hard to follow, mish mosh of ideas I have ever seen. I am starting to think the writers are either writing about bizarre dreams they have or they are consuming some illegal narcotics.

Based on last night's premier, this is one Lost fan that the show just, well... lost.

Monday, January 12, 2009

No Turtles Were Harmed in the Writing of This Blog

It was so cold today that I just did not want to leave the comfort of my warm home. J. Hogan and I spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon chillin' in the crib. (I am second guessing the use of the words "chillin'" and "crib". Do you think I can pull it off?)

Peanut took a good long nap this morning and woke up ready to play. I on the other hand was in the middle of reducing our never-ending pile of laundry. So I combined the too and well, he sat in here and played for about 20 minutes. This is the child who HATES his pack and play, but give him a laundry basket and he is Mr. Happy.

For those of you who are wondering, yes that is a turtle in his mouth... by its head. I think it is safe to say I don't see any pet turtles in our future.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Camera Crazy Mom Seeks Attentive Audience

I took a few new pictures of J. Hogan earlier this week and I thought I would share them with you - just in case you haven't seen enough pictures of him.

I know you all see this picture and think "wow, she must really be a huge football fan since it is the big championship week." Sorry. This is just one of my absolute favorite shirts of his and if it is clean, he wears it. The reason I took this picture is that I realized I did not have any of him in it and that would make me sad in say six months or so when my mind drifted to that sweet blue eyed sports fan. I got this picture in just under the wire. If you look closely, the sleeves are just about too short. Yes, he has his mother's freakishly long arms.

This is his new chair that he got for Christmas from his G'Mo and Pa. When I suggested this gift I figured he would probably be able to climb into in a few months. Surprise! The day we brought it home and put it in the floor, he crawled over and climbed in. I love to see him sitting in it. He looks like such a big boy.
Oh and this is his 10 month old picture. And yes that is the 12-18 month old onesie we use every month. And yes, that would be his chubby belly challenging the sturdy craftsmanship of Pottery Barn Kids clothes.

I call this one "Can You Do This?" No seriously, I am taking a poll - can you do this?

I took this picture because of the conversation he was having with the yellow "Spot" dog on the ottoman. It went something like this -
J. Hogan: Ma Ma, Daddy, Da Do (that's Elmo), thank you, no no, duck... along with lots more J.Hoganese that I have yet to interpret.
Spot: (silence as he stared lovingly at such a remarkable child)
There was also some pointing, clapping, and other lecturing hand gestures. That was J. Hogan, not the dog.
J. Hogan loves this little Spot. His Aunt Joy gave it to him for Christmas and it's been a big hit.

And this was his reaction when he found out I was listening in on his conversation. Can't a boy get some privacy.

This is J. Hogan playing with a Christmas card that G'Mo and Pa sent to him. He loves it and looks for it first thing every morning. It has Elmo on the front and you press a little button and Elmo sings Jingle Bells... every time you press that button Elmo sings Jingle Bells... over and over and over again. Oh did I mention Christmas was over two weeks ago. I believe it's time for Elmo to stop dashing through the snow and find himself a sunny spot on the beach.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

I was trying to think of some cute catchy title for today's blog - the first of the new year. I just could not come up with a thing that did not make me sound like a writer for Regis and Kelly and thus make me want to vomit. So I stuck with the simple yet eloquent "Happy New Year". And so far it seems to be pretty jolly.
Chris and I have never been big on New Year's Eve parties. We just don't like being on the roads after midnight with those who enjoy the New Year's Eve parties. This year we went to dinner at our good friend's the Malones and then back home by 9pm and well, I hate to admit it, but I was fast asleep by 11:15pm. I have always heard that what you are doing when you ring in the new year will be what you will be doing during the upcoming year. I will take the notion of sleep all the merry year through. I do believe in that saying. Two years ago I was holding a friend's baby when the year began and guess what sports fans - six months later I was pregnant.
So here are some things I really want to do in 2009. Not resolutions - just desires. I will spare you the usual - exercise more, do more community service, etc. That's always a given every year. Here goes -
I want to...
visit friends in Vancouver.
organize my home office.
pick out furniture for my living room and complete the remodel of it.
go to the aquarium at least once every two weeks.
go to the Creative Discovery Museum (once Peanut is walking).
see the Jim Henson exhibit in Atlanta.
go to the beach.
go to the Master's.
throw J. Hogan an awesome 1st birthday party.
have dinner (and lunches) with my girlfriends more often.
continue eliminating high fructose corn syrup from my diet.
install new flooring in eight rooms of the house (well at least pay someone to).
grow some sort of edible something in my back yard.
have friends over for dinner more and introduce them to our various groups of people.
potty train J.Hogan (just the thought brings tears to my eyes - he's a little young, but I can hope).
introduce J. Hogan to the joy of art projects.
go hiking.
re-read two classic works of literature along with new works.
use less paper towels (that one's for you Chris ;) you can wipe the tears away).
take more pictures.
blog more often.
If I think of others, I will sure let you know. Oh and I just did - sleep more!