Monday, March 2, 2009

One Is the Loneliest Number... Whatever!!!

Hi, my name is Dana and I have a one year old. Sometimes I do feel like there should be some kind of support group for moms when their babies make the leap into the world of one.

All in all, we had an amazing first birthday experience. We started Thursday on his actual birthday. We woke up early and I made J. Hogan pancakes for the first time (no syrup of course... I am still "me" after all). He LOVED them. G'Mo and Pa came down about lunch time and we headed to the aquarium. Pa stayed at the house and worked on monkeys for the party. It sure is nice having an artist in the family especially at birthday time.

As usual J. Hogan had a big time at the aquarium. It's funny how he notices different things with each visit. This time his favorite were the Hyacinth Macaws. We watched them for probably 20 minutes which translates into adult time as four hours. We had a wonderful time. Once we were back in the car, he collapsed into a much awaited nap and we headed home.

That evening we had our own little private family celebration complete with spaghetti. That boy loves some spaghetti.

His birthday party was on Sunday afternoon at our church's Christian Life Center (aka - gym). Illness unfortunately kept several of our friends from joining in the festivities and we missed them no doubt. But we celebrated and had a "monkey" good time. There were monkeys on the door (Thanks Pa!), monkeys on the tables, monkeys on the cake, monkey treat bags, monkey crafts, oh and a monkey soundtrack for your "monkey dancing" enjoyment. Oh I forgot to tell you he had a monkey party - just in case you were wondering.

With a one year old, you never know how he will react when 60 of his closest friends gather around and sing to him while mommy brings him a cake with flames coming out of the top. Well, I will tell you how he reacts, with huge smiles, moments of laughter and clapped as everyone sang. We had been practicing blowing out candles and he gave it his best effort. Now I am not big on giving my child sugar, but can I just say, "THE BOY LOVED HIM SOME CAKE!!!" He dove right in and ate with determination and stamina that only a fellow sugar addict could be proud of.

He got gifts, and more gifts, and then a few more gifts. I am always overwhelmed at the thought of how many people love my child. That is a blessing to a mom. I appreciate everyone who was there (and those who were feeling under the weather - I know you were there in spirit). I am so glad all of you joined us to celebrate J. Hogan's first birthday party. It was a blast.

Next year, hmmmm... oh what will I think of next. Maybe a beach theme, on location, in the Caribbean, where it is warm and sunny. Yes, I do believe that will be what he wants.

So now I am off to scarf down a piece of leftover birthday cake. And yes, I will be eating it in much the same manner as my little peanut ate his. One - what a great age, what a great kid.