Tuesday, October 6, 2009


J. Hogan has decided he is a big boy and will only sit in a regular chair. Unfortunately, that poses a problem when you are less than four feet tall. His booster seat was in the car and I was just too distracted to get it, so I came up with a solution.

It worked and it made me feel good about finding a use for the phonebook.

Speaking of recycling (random lead in), J. Hogan gets the "Earth Friendly" award. We always recycle in our house so it is just a part of his life. So now, you can give him a piece of trash and he will take it to the garbage can and you can give him something like paper and he will take it to the recycling - without prompting. So readers, no excuses for not recycling - even a toddler can do it... and his mom... with a phonebook.

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becky bell said...

Too cute! Wow, I actually see some hair on that cute head! :)